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North Star Professional Counseling, PLLC

Why choose North Star Professional Counseling?  The North Star, also known as Polaris, is a constant light brilliantly anchored in the expansive northern sky.  Its fixed position high above provides a constant point of reference to aid a weary traveler or an excited adventurer on their journey.  Its light guides those who follow it to their purposeful destination. 

The North Star is a symbol of guidance, inspiration, hope, and freedom for many.  As with ancient mariners, the guidance of the North Star helps you find the courage to leave the safety of the shore and navigate through unknown waters.

Meet your Counselor

Diane Smith, MA, LPC

Mental Health Counselor

Diane is a licensed counselor in the state of Michigan, she provides online psychotherapy services. She has been serving the Livingston, Oakland, and Genesee County areas with community pride and deep gratitude.  She especially enjoys helping clients learn to develop more self esteem, experience a greater sense of belonging, and cultivate a deeper connection to themselves and others. 


Diane is a passionate learner, continually expanding her knowledge base with the latest research and emerging methods.  She is trained and knowledgeable in various treatment modalities including Compassion-Focused, Mindfulness, Somatic, Energy Psychology, Nutritional and Integrative therapies, and other forms of therapy.


Diane taps into a deeply empathetic and compassionate nature to help you:


  • Overcome challenges and develop resilience 

  • Heal and transform your wounds into wisdom

  • Align with your inner self

  • Understand your own gifts

  • Release past conditioning 

She works to support your healing and growth.  With creativity and flexibility, she integrates empirically valid treatment methods that support you in achieving authenticity, balance, and vitality in your life.  Work with highly sensitive, empathic adults, adolescents open to personal growth, and couples is gladly welcomed. 

Diane's availability is by appointment

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